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Free download Children of England UK Free read å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Alison Weir Alison Weir õ 4 review Of his first wife Catherine of Aragon; the Lady Elizabeth the daughter of his second wife Anne Boleyn and his young great niece the Lady Jane Grey These a. Although I wouldn t say I m a Tudor Expert okay maybe I would I do like to think I am well versed on the topic I first read Alison Weir s The Children of Henry VIII almost a decade ago before I was as acuainted with the Tudor dynasty Although both are far different experiences re reading this history piece still brought enjoyment once againImmediately in the first sentence of the Preface Weir states that The Children of Henry VIII is not a history of England during the troubles reigns of Edward VI Jane Grey let s stress for the beginner Tudor reader that Jane was NOT Henry s daughter Mary I and Elizabeth I but a chronicle of the personal lives of four English sovereigns and the relationships between them While this is true that Weir does not dive too deeply into the political landscape of the aforementioned individuals and focuses on the social and personal aspects of these leaders the text still doesn t give the desired look into the psyche of these sovereigns as perhaps expected Rather then REALLY getting to know theses individuals and experiencing their histories Weir basically just tells their stories Despite this Weir keeps a smooth chronological seuence of events and instead of sectioning off chapters for each kingueen she intertwines events in order to show eual time incidents in various lives IE While Mary was fill in the blank Elizabeth was doing This creates a full picture of the Tudors which is especially insightful to those readers newer to the topic at hand For those familiar The Children of Henry VIII is a terrific refresher course plus it has some details which you may have not read elsewhere As usual with Weir her research is extensive and annotated while also including uotes and chunks of lettersdocuments while presenting a text which is well paced and smooth versus overly scholarly One of the positives is that Weir did not demonstrate an overly biased view towards any of the sovereigns telling their domestic affairs with eual validity Another optimistic feature were the biographical snippets on other influential figures which provided insight into in the lives of well known but lesser written about personages As The Children of Henry VIII progressed it became increasingly detailed and for lack of a better description entertaining while being accompanied by strong sources such as Edward s diary entries and Elizabeth s household account books Even having read this book in the past I still eagerly turned the pages and was engaged by Weir s storytelling although she was at times repetitive and would reiterate phrases The majority of the book followed Mary s reign helping bring her to life and almost read like a single Mary biography which may deter some readers but was welcomed by me as a fan of Mary Even though I know a great deal about Mary Tudor there were some details and statistics I was unaware of It is always riveting to learn something new The Children of Henry VIII is a rather solid look into the heirs to Henry VIII s throne and the events which connected them Although the book could have presented details on the other sovereigns aside from Mary Weir ends the book at Elizabeth s accession to the throne this glimpse into the Tudor world is engaging and certainly worth reading about

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Free download Children of England UK Free read å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Alison Weir Alison Weir õ 4 review Re the players in a royal drama that ultimate led to Elizabeth's ascension to the throne one of the most spectacularly successful reigns in English histor. Fresh off her earlier work Henry VIII I dove headfirst into this follow up that recounts the tumultuous period between the great monarch s death and the ascension of his second daughter Elizabeth The title as many have observed is a tad misleading as only three out of the four monarchs featured were actually children of the late Henry the teenage Lady Jane Grey who reigned for a mere three months after the death of the eually young Edward VI and before being deposed by Mary and her allies being technically his grand niece Despite this slight error The Children of Henry VIII is a work of remarkable scholarship that shed light on a period of Tudor history that is often fast forwarded over in popular scholarship if not the popular imagination through the cinematic and television mediumsOne interesting theory that Weir plays with is in regards to Elizabeth s refusal to marry which has long been a juicy gossip and rumor mill by both professional and lay historians alike with the executions of Anne Boleyn Katherine Howard and Thomas Seymour in mind she had come to euate marriage with death This did not affect her desire to flirt and court male interest but it prevented her from ever making the final commitment in any emotional relationship Of course it is just as likely that Elizabeth s aversion to marriage stemmed from the very real fear that if she married a Continental monarch she would be putting the control of her realm and her English subjects under potential foreign dominion in the event of her death Combine that with the unsuitability of marrying any of her supposed lovers Robert Dudley and Walter Raleigh to name but a few and it is easy to imagine just how hard it was being in her position Then again there are those who speculate that she was barren or even that she chose to proclaim her status as a Virgin ueen in order to appease and persuade Catholics to her accept her Protestant reign Whatever the reasons Elizabeth s reign is the remarkable for ushering in the Golden Age Before Elizabeth Mary was the second woman to reign from the English throne The first being the Empress Matilda who reigned during a turbulent time in the twelfth century And for this very reason many were wary of a woman holding the reigns of power which was best expressed by Mary of Hungary when she remarked to Emperor Charles V A woman is never feared or respected as a man is whatever the rank In time of war it is entirely impossible for a woman to govern satisfactorily All she can do is should responsibility for mistakes committed by others Of course Elizabeth s long and remarkable reign proved them completely wrong on all countsSandwiched between the reigns of the commanding personalities and the politically and socially astute minds of Henry VIII and his second daughter Elizabeth the short lived reigns of Edward VI Jane and Mary are often overlooked as a result of their political na vet and lack of genuine leadership skills the first two being mere pawns of powerful forces in the end But it is precisely because of these short comings of these ill fated monarchs that reading about them becomes absolutely absorbing and fascinating

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Free download Children of England UK Free read å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Alison Weir Alison Weir õ 4 review At his death in 1547 King Henry VIII left four heirs to the English throne his only son the nine year old Prince Edward; the Lady Mary the adult daughter. There isn t any earth shattering information contained in this tome no new facts unearthed but Weir has such mastery of her research that it s always a pleasure to read her works This is the first time I ve read about all four I suppose you could call them junior Tudor monarchs in succinct consecutive order I ve always been partial to the nine days ueen since I saw the movie starring Helena Bonham Carter in the 80s I think she s been shortchanged by history Here she is given a healthy discourse Overall a great discussion of these rulers