(EBOOK/EPUB) [Deadpool MAX Volume 1 Nutjob]

  • Hardcover
  • 144
  • Deadpool MAX Volume 1 Nutjob
  • David Lapham
  • English
  • 14 September 2020
  • 9780785148500

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Deadpool MAX Volume 1 Nutjob Free read Å 104 You may think you know Deadpool Unkillable mercenary hopeless romantic nutjob It's that last part that presents a problem and that's where Agent Bob steps in Bob's sole charge in life is to point Deadpool a. I know with MAX that the stories are intentionally taken to an NC 17 type rating level but there s some irony that a volume intended for an adult only audience is actually steeped in juvenile humorOn occasion I though Nutjob had some funny moments but it s fueled by often too over the top with the extremely dark cruel comedy and exaggerated violence Exhibit 1 action officer Bob Deadpool s barely capable special ops handler He slogs through the six somewhat connected stories with a permanent kick me sign on his back although his name title did make me laugh because it sounds like it s right out of GI Joe in the 80 s A little bit can go a long way but there s such an over reliance on said mean spirited yuks and shock value gore is is trying to be edgy or merely just appealing to an adolescent male that a reader will realize that it s maybe to cover for the thin story line If you ve never read any Deadpool before don t start with this volume

Summary Deadpool MAX Volume 1 NutjobDeadpool MAX Volume 1 Nutjob

Deadpool MAX Volume 1 Nutjob Free read Å 104 He most powerful criminal organization in the world and your unkillable agent is head over heels for a French maid named Ingawell you begin to see the inherent problems of the jobCollecting Deadpool MAX 1 6. The late period MAX was Marvel s universe for creating non powered comics based on their powered properties So this Deadpool is an even crazier assassin but without the healing abilitiesNow one element of the MAX comics was the conversion of Marvel characters over to the MAX world and here Lapham is brilliant The new imagining of Bob is top notch but everyone Lapham touches is uite interesting in his new continuityUnfortunately that interest just doesn t extend to the storytelling The stories are frankly boring They re largely unconnected and they re mostly about murder rampages It s dullSo great conceits but the execution doesn t carry I don t see any reason to continue with this book as I was regularly bored

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Deadpool MAX Volume 1 Nutjob Free read Å 104 T the problem and pull the trigger not an easy task whenyour agent is three cards shy of a full deck and even harder when you've gone deep cover in the impenetrable fortress of Hammerhead the Grand Don of t. I ve read a handful of Deadpool comics and this just didn t stock up against the other ones It simply wasn t as funny as it should have been In the comic book store where I bought this I was flipping through the issues of the new story arc and they had me rolling Come on his nemesis this time around is bringing presidents back from the dead to fight him There is nothing funnier than Deadpool punching Abe Lincoln in the face Sorry man you know I have the greatest respect for you This Deadpool because the main perspective was Bob his handler lost a lot of the Deadpool charm Yes it was vulgar and silly but seeing Deadpool through the eyes of someone who can t understand him is a little annoying Deadpool is wonderful in his self deprecating randomness that goes on in his brain and that was simply missing from this book because of the perspective Not a Deadpool win in my opinion