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review Pillars of the Earth ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook D'una catedral gòtica la novel·la de Follett és una recreació acolorida d'una època convulsa i violenta de la història d'Anglaterra on la gent senzilla lluita per sobreviure en un país assolat per una guerra civil inacabable tot ignorant les mauinacions dels poderosos A banda de les apassi. I did not hate this book hate would be too strong a word and I can t hate it because I applaud the fact that Ken Follett attempted to write an epic novel But I did not like it I didn t like it from the start his writing style hit me like a brick but Jim thoroughly enjoyed the book that I kept trying to convince myself that I ought to give it a chance hoping it would get better When I was about 500 pages in he saw how miserable I was and asked why I didn t just stop reading it but at that point I was invested in it I had spent all that time getting that far that I needed to finish it and I couldn t wait to come to the end I kept counting down Only 450 pages left only 300 to go last 200 pagesyay I have 50 pages left Those fifty pages were the toughest to get through By the time I was at the end I thought it was a wasted effort both on his part and mine It s so much easier to explicate on what I did not like because there were so many things I loathed the writing style he vacillated between pages and pages of highly complex architectural discourses to third grade level simple sentences grouped into short paragraphs Sometimes it was bearable Other times I wanted to pull my hair out There were times when I felt the only time he came alive as an author was when he was discussing architecture but these parts were so didactic in nature that it couldn t hold my interest for long periods of time I did not like the author s narrative style He had to tie everything together causality was so prevalent throughout the text that I wondered how he didn t work in how the killing of a fly affected events 60 years later Every single storyline was wrapped up too neatly for my liking in some cases Everyone was tied to someone else it was like playing Six Degrees every single character had to have a denouement every little plot twist had to be explained closure had to be achieved no matter how preposterous the circumstances over time and space The characterization was poor In fact it was appalling how two dimensional these characters were Good people were good Bad people were loathsome As time went on the good were always suffering one thing or another they were put upon they were harrassed they were constantly challenged and put to the test like Job something Follett actually used as a sermon The badfolk became oppressive over time they were not only detestable but they had absolutely no redeeming ualities And to go with a typical medieval stereotype the good were always excessively beautiful honorable intelligent geniuses or savants even and if they weren t rich they would be at the end I half expected Havelok the Dane and his refrigerator mouth to pop up somewhere proving once and for all that in the medieval period to be good was to have the purest light shining out of your mouth each time you opened it Nevertheless the bad became uglier became despotic scheming throughout life to get the better of their enemies the goodfolk But in the end good always triumphed over evil those who could repented and were forgiven Those who couldn t were killed off somehow because apparently death is the only way an evil person gets his or her dues And then everyone had a happy ending I hate happy endings when they re so obviously contrived And this work was so elaborately exhaustively thoroughly contrived Maybe it s not too late for me to change my mind and say I hated it grin Historically speaking there was so much left to be desired Granted this novel was written two decades ago and there have been new discoveries about the medieval period since Follett started his research But he got it all wrong anyhow His idea of medieval life was sooff that it hurt my head to continue reading sometimes I had to pause periodically and rant to Jim about what I currently found off putting for example there weren t many literate people at the time at the time this novel was set there was still a distinct divide between England and Wales reading and writing were two separate skill sets and people who knew how to read did not necessarily know how to write and vice versa orality was a prevalent part of storytelling back then and books not so much and yet somehow he conflated much of both manuscript writing was either orally dictated or copied tediously by the monks his concept of a scriptorium was incomplete defective and there has been so much written about this that it saddened me he used modern translations of medieval poeticalverse works and couldn t explain even alliterative verse form effectively I even wonder if he knew what it was his understanding of the languages of the period Old English Middle English Latin Norman French Old French Middle French etc and what was spoken by the aristocrats vs the peasants vs the growing middle classes disgusts me he showed a lack of understanding of medieval law medieval rights the social classes gender roles even the tales and legends of the period in both England and France priests were uite low on the totem pole in terms of the religious hierarchy and were uite disparaged yet somehow that didn t uite come across in this novelI could go on and on but I won t And the historical part of the novel I just found lacking There are enough histories and chronicles contemporaneously written of the time that he did not have to deviate much from history There is so much written about the period between the death of Henry I through the civil wars between the Empress Matilda and King Stephen to the time that Henry II ascended the throne including the martyrdom of Thomas a Beckett that I don t uite understand how he couldn t have mined the chronicles for better material I understand that this is why it s called historical fiction and that there will always be some element of fiction interspersed with historical fact But the fictional aspects usually have to do with surrounding characters and situations that bolster the history The fiction is not necessarily to the history itself Many times when writing historical fiction the author has to beware the pitfalls of creating a revisionist retelling interspersing his or her own ideals or beliefs of what should have been to what was If this novel had been marketed as a revisionary narrative it would have been okay But it wasn t I m just glad that the historical aspect of the novel just served as the background and not the real story Because then I probably would ve stopped readingThe premise was a good one and held a lot of promise It could ve been a great historical epic had it been handled by a assured writer By someone who was of a visionary someone who had the patience to do exhaustive research or who knew how to craft richly developed characters It needed an author who understood the epic genre who knew how to mold the epic who knew how to keep the narrative going seemlessly binding time with narration and the human condition without resorting to stereotypes and grating drama And most importantly it needed someone who understood when the story had been told that while there will always be other stories to tell that each book has its own natural end and that these stories may not belong in this bookKen Follett may be a bestselling author of suspense novels and even historical fiction such as Pillars of the Earth and World without End but he is no writer of epics Compared to writers of historical fiction such as Edward Rutherford James Michener Bernard Cornwell or Margaret George Ken Follett has a long way to go

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review Pillars of the Earth ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Onants intrigues ue conformen la novel·la l'autor recrea diferents aspectes de la vida medieval on l'amor i la mort s'entrellacen amb força en auest magistral tapís Els pilars de la Terra és l'obra mestra de Ken Follett i constitueix una evocació excepcional d'una època de violentes passion. This book was so completely fantastic that I almost forgot the outside world existed when I was reading it I ve never be so emotionally invested in a story as I was with this It s a rare book that does this to me I think it s because it follows the characters through such a large proportion of their lives resulting in a large amount of intimacy and investment with them Indeed this novel spans a massive period of forty years and has 1000 pages this is no light reading it is deep emotive and completely brilliant The intense story So much happens within this novel It s impossible to lay it down in a brief summary these characters uite literally go through hell Such is the life of commoners in the period They are good folk and are just trying to erect a church for the betterment of their town However the corruptness of the local nobility and the church hierarchy itself almost prevents them from achieving their aim Prior Phillip and Jack the Builder are forced to seek out the aid from their monarch but because of the turmoil of the civil war this monarch keeps changing They have a choice of two royal courts to appeal to Both are convinced they have the legitimate claim to England s throne Picking the wrong side would lead to the ultimate ruination of a folk that simply want to live in peace and celebrate God s glory on earth Well this is the mere surface level of the plot This book is so much beyond it It is a story of betrayal and seduction it is a story of love and hardship it is a story of human nature and the all encompassing morals that imposes It is just fantastic in every sense The characters are real and their hardships are even realer These are truly some of the most human characters I ve ever read about these people could have existedThis is no less true for the villains of the book William Hamleigh in particular is characterised superbly For all his ruthless aggression and sense of entitlement he s still a coward at heart He d never admit it to anyone but the reader knows of what he is the reader can see his blackening yellow heart He is a product of society and his parent s ruthless ambition He doesn t deserve sympathy because of this but the reason why he is the man he is can be seen by looking at his origins His parents ruined him he has no restraint he has nobody to tell him no So to his mind he can get away with anything He even has a Bishop who will gladly absolve all his sins He s actions have no conseuences he can murder and rape without feeling the conseuences This is an incredibly dangerous mind set and one that almost destroys the protagonists of the book He s a nasty man The strength of the church Follet also weighs the potential power of the church I love the way he contrasts godly Prior Phillip with the twisted Bishop Waleran It shows us two routes the church could take it shows us two possibilities for God s monument on Earth Prior Phillip is everything the church should be he is kind and forgiving he is benevolent and just he is a true believer of Christ s teachings He is in the church for the simple reason that he is a man of faith Contrastingly Bishop Waleran is a tyrannical despot He represents evryhting the church shouldn t be he is the personification of its potential evil The Bishop is vain greedy and ambitious In this his will is his own he is completely self serving He abuses his power to meet his own ends and self aggrandisement So he is slightly corrupt He s only in the church for its political power and rewards In this he is not a true believer of his own faith By contrasting these two characters Follet demonstrates how the church has the power to do great good and also great evil This for me is uite a strong message to take from the book because it shows us the dividing nature of man of life of good and evil it shows us that all things can be benevolent or terrible It also hints at redemption If something is this bad it can be made into something good once it has the potential to be as it should be in the right hands I do love this story It shows that if people can come together to achieve something greater than themselves then humanity is not lost despite the backdrop of war corruptness and general chaos Jack begins the novel as a mute boy with little human socialisation At the end of the novel he is a respected builder and farther of the town He is the anchor of Follet s story telling Everything centres on Jack and his family history His narrative uestions the restraints the common man lived under in the period it highlights the injustice the legal system exerted in the time He cannot marry his love without a written divorce from his horrible step brother who d sooner see him live in misery than have the happiness he couldn t achieve The church doctrine almost prevents him from being a farther to his child But he perseveres and overcomes the restrictions of the church his awful step brother and the corruptness of society itself Jack s story is one of human perseverance and fortitude it is a story of a man who somehow managed to survive a system that was completely against him Nevertheless the book gave Jack a feeling he had never had before that the past was like a story in which one thing led to another and the world was not a boundless mystery but a finite thing that could be comprehended This is a phenomenal story and though that I ve got hundreds of books I want to read in my lifetime and little enough time to read them in this is a book I will definitely be reading again in the future it s a story that I simply have to revisit regardless of its vast length This is a book I just have to read again

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review Pillars of the Earth ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Mestre indiscutible del thriller Ken Follett s'endinsa en auesta novel·la en el món complex i fascinant de l'edat mitjana Bisbes intrigants constructors de catedrals ambiciosos nobles rurals i pagesos desposseïts poblen l'univers d'Els pilars de la Terra Centrada en l'accidentada construcció. This book was popular As in a mini phenomenon Seriously Am I being punked Tell the truth no one else read the book It was all an elaborate mediapop culture scheme to trick me into reading this book Please lie to me about this I m not sure I can go on living if I have to believe that this is what my fellow man is reading these daysMy utter disdain for the book comes from many a sourceA It s 900 pages Mind you I ll read 900 pages even 1500 pages if it s amazing But it has to be a crackerjack of a book This was not B Here s where this book and I really parted ways Tom Builder s beloved wife Agnes dies in childbirth on the side of the road Only hours later Tom s rolling in the leaves with an attractive forest wench in a sex scene so ridiculous I could practically hear the bow chicka wow wow music in the background Poor Agnes body isn t even cold yet and Tom s getting it on with a woman he had a 15 minute conversation with earlier in the bookC It s hard to believe this is medieval England what with all the modern sensibilities and modern vernacular C It could have been whittled down by about 500 pages if the scenes of people eating had been omittedE The women oh the women Witches or whores or victims of tag team rape Here s the basic rundown of the plot Building a church building a church building a church Oh crap a plot complication We might not be able to build the church Crafty Phillip overcomes the complication Insert licentious sex scene Building a church building a church building a church Oh crap a plot complication We might not be able to build the church Crafty Phillip overcomes the complication Now insert gratuitous sex sceneLather Rinse Repeat For 900 pagesCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder