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True Names Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read True Names Disaffected computer wizard Mr Slippery True Name Roger Pollack is an early adopter of a new full immersion virtual reality technology called the Other Plane He and the other wi. My first Vinge even if A Fire Upon the Deep is still waiting to be read as well True Names and the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier is a re release of Vinge s same titled novella caught between introductions essays and an afterword The introduction of this edition is by Hari Kunzru whom I ve never heard of to be honest He gives a bit of background on the novella and the period in which is was written Editor James Frenkel reminisces about his time as Vinge s editor at Tor Books and of course about the novella obviously Then comes Vinge s own introduction He tells about how the novella came to be what influenced him what it s about and so on The afterword is by Marvin Minsky another unknown name to me Neatly put after the novella itself he uses the events as basis for his view on the matter on how the future might have lookedThe essays are by various experts in the field of information technology The themes range from cryptography encryption big data sort of artificial intelligence security software In other words lots of programming to use one general term Not every essay is as accessible as the other of course One must in my opinion have some knowledge on or be interested in the matter or computers in general to follow along Yes the explanations and visions may be dated but you have to keep in mind that these essays were written in the early to mid 1990s A lot has happened a lot has changed since then Especially with regards to the internet and how we utilise it That said it is interesting to read these guys experiences and insights of that periodThe novella itself then It s a good 80 pages long and is about a hacking community with mainly one guy Mr Slippery aka Roger Pollack having been tracked down Gone privacy indeed The Feds want a huge favour from him Considering his skills he s the perfect man for the job ie tracking down a certain Mailman who seems to take control over the various networks The Feds apparently don t have the means or people to catch him hence appealing to the dark side Both Roger and the Feds lead by one Virginia are in a luxury position Roger is the only one capable enough but Virginia can keep his ass out of prison since he s broken several laws so far as a hackerAnd so they reach an agreement under strict conditions and Roger sets to work His computer euipment is first uality allows him to go farther than any regular computer user He meets up with his friends a sort of coven in a virtual world Based on the descriptions it reminded me of Second Life in a way Each having hisher avatar codes to access locations with different rooms and so on If I m not mistaken hackers used some kind of electrodes to go into the world and live there As Mr Slippery Roger executes his task which is for the sake of all humanity else the world will go down Mr Vinge describes what s going on The story is fairly accessible but of course you get your obligatory technical vocabulary I have to admit that some elements went over my head but not in a way that I couldn t follow the story As you can imagine all s well that ends well but Roger still isn t a free man afterwards And the Mailman view spoilerA programma invented by the Feds back in the day set up to run its own course to develop on its own Goal Secure the system no matter what Someone had let a copy of the programme loose It was actually doing it job but was destroyed by Roger and co because the Feds couldn t or didn t know how to clean up their own mess hide spoiler

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True Names

True Names Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read True Names Efine us are not always black and white though There's a new wizard in the Other Plan and they're recruiting for a scheme to translate cyberspace domination into real world powe. I wasn t expecting to start reading the novel at page 190 Until then there are a series of articles to introduce the theme a set up the mood I honestly can t tell if I enjoyed the articles than the novel The article on remailers was amazingHaving been in contact the works such as The Matrix Strange Days eXistenZ Tron etc the universe presented by True Names doesn t have the wow effect it must have had in 1981 Overall the novel is enjoyableI might read another novel by Vernor Vinge But right now my next cyberspace book is Neuromancer

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True Names Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read True Names Zards form a cabal to keep their true identities their True Names secret to avoid prosecution by their Great Adversary the government of the United States The lines that d. Before Neuromancer and Snow Crash there was Vinge s True Names written in 1981 Hackers meet in cyberspace a virtual representation of data space they call the Other Plane Metaphors and symbols of magic are applied to this world they are warlocks and wizards they cast spells modern day sorcery in a completely networked world There are battles in cyberspace amassing computation power that goes to your head and makes you Gods encryption schemes to trick those who control you because they know your true name there s the NSA conflicts over good and bad and governing authorities a dormant yet evolving AI even upload of consciousness There s a lot in there and it s a rather slim book ideas that Vinge doesn t nearly get enough credit for I am glad I got here finally