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  • Tyskungen
  • Camilla Läckberg
  • Finnish
  • 15 October 2020
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Tyskungen Read & download ✓ 109 Nen käynnillään jotain tekemistä murhan kanssa Kun Erica vielä saa selville että äiti tunsi murhatun miehen toisen maailmansodan aikana hän ei voi olla sekaantumatta rikostutkintaan Myös isyyslomansa aloittanut Patrik vedetään mukaan tutkimuksiin Kuka on valmis tappamaan pitääkseen menneet salassa Camilla L?. I m generous giving this a 3 Closer to a 25 star because these novels Lackberg series are not as much crime or mystery genre any as they are continuing character minutia tracts The read is 40% character trivia that is basically unrelated whimsy and only on a super wide tangent from any fact or semi involved relationship that has anything to do with the plot or outcome of the mystery A run on sentence but that s what is going on and with each progressive Lackberg novel I doubt I will read any The people are ok but not all that bright and frankly also tedious and a bit small minded IMHO And at the same time the main 4 or 5 characters have also become pure stereotypes It has a dumbing down result that just kills any entertainment value for me

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Tyskungen Read & download ✓ 109 Erica käy läpi edesmenneen äitinsä jäämistöä ja löytää vanhan natsien kunniamerkin Miksi äidillä oli sellainen Mitalin alkuperän selvittämiseksi hän vierailee seudun sotatuntijan eläkkeellä olevan historianopettajan luona Kahden päivän päästä mies on kuollut Tapettu Uutinen kylmää Ericaa Onko hä. In this 5th book in the Fj llbackaPatrik Hedstr m series Swedish crime writer Erica Falck is faced with the possibility that her mother was a Nazi sympathizer during WWII The book can be read as a standaloneIn Fj llbacka Sweden two teens break into the house of Erik Frankel an elderly man who collects Nazi memorabilia They re shocked to discover his badly decomposed body Coincidentally true crime writer Erica Falck looking through belongings of her deceased mother Elsy finds some diaries and a Nazi medal Thus starts a dual investigation the police look into Frankel s death and Erica searches for information about her mother The story alternates between the present day and the 1940s during World War II when some Swedes aided the resistance in Nazi occupied NorwayThe mysteries in the book multiply when a woman with Alzheimer s disease is killed and Elsy s friends are curiously reluctant to talk about Elsy with her daughter Erica The book has plenty of interesting characters including Nazi sympathizers Nazi hunters a motley crew of detectives including Erica s husband Patrik Hedstr m a cute child and a stray dog that helps its new owner find romance I found the characters interesting than the mystery at the heart of the story which turned out to be fairly ordinary and foreshadowed by the book s title Also once the mystery was resolved the explanation was too long and drawn out The book does provide some interesting insight into Sweden s role in WWII and the fate of Scandinavian prisoners of war Overall an okay bookYou can follow my reviews at

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Tyskungen Read & download ✓ 109 ?ckberg vie jälleen lukijansa idylliseen mutta synkkien rikosten Fjällbackaan Ruotsin länsirannikolle Tällä kertaa pintaan nuosevat Erica Falckin oman lapsuudenperheen kipeät ja tarkoin varjellut salaisuudet Läckberg kutoo taiturimaisesti nykytarinan riipaisevaan kertomukseen nuorten elämästä 1940 luvun Ruotsis. This just wasn t a very good bookSome parts of it were okay I didn t know that much about Sweden during the Second World War so that bit of the story line was interestingOne problem with a translated work is that it s hard to know where to assign blame for the book s faults regarding language Was the original in as desperate need of editing or is the translator responsible for the language that really needed to be tightened upBut many of the flaws in this book must be laid at the feet of the author First of all If the mother didn t want to have kids why in the world did she end up having two of them when she was almost 40 That makes absolutely no sense to meAnother huge problem is the insanely precocious daughter of the main couple in the series Having just reached her first birthday she s characterized very much as a toddler instead Her development is at least a year above what it s supposed to be and now that there are two babies on the way I think I might just give up on this series I already had to read two way too long birth scenes in this book there s no way I can sit through two of them plus two precocious children characters