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  • Hardcover
  • 32
  • The Samurai's Daughter
  • Robert D. San Souci
  • English
  • 09 May 2020
  • 9780803711358

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Summary ↠ The Samurai's Daughter 104 Tokoyo vows to join her father a samurai nobleman after he is exiled to a lonely island But between daughter and father lies a j. This book is a beautiful blend of a young woman finding her inner strength and also there hero overcoming a great beast to save her society This book is a beautiful story but it s in the water color pictures that this book assumes the uality that it does Absolutely beautiful

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Summary ↠ The Samurai's Daughter 104 Aintings illuminate this tale of courage and endurance retold from a medieval Japanese legend Full color Size D 32 pp 8000 print. I love a book about a strong female character and this book had the perfect one The Samurai s Daughter by Robert D San Souci shows us that girls can do anything anyone else can do This book has tons of lessons you can take with you as you finish the book about loyalty bravery and standing up for others We are not as selfless in our lives as we should be We spend so much of our lives thinking about ourself and not enough about people around us In this book she gives up her life for a stranger How many of us could do that

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Summary ↠ The Samurai's Daughter 104 Ourney fraught with both natural and supernatural dangers a ship of ghosts fierce bandits and an evil sea demon Johnson's lush p. Published 1992This book is a tale from the Japanese culture about a girl names Tokoyo who grows up with her father who is a noble sent on a mission she encounters various troubles but that does not stop her from being back with her father again