(EPUB) [The Paris Affair Rannoch Fraser Mysteries #3]

  • Paperback
  • 448
  • The Paris Affair Rannoch Fraser Mysteries #3
  • Tracy Grant
  • English
  • 08 March 2020
  • 9780758283931

Tracy Grant ¼ 5 Summary

review The Paris Affair Rannoch Fraser Mysteries #3 Download Ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ Tracy Grant Tracy Grant ¼ 5 Summary Ms of than a few men perhaps even those of Napoleon himself and the father must be among them But in the melee of the Napoleonic Wars she was caught up in a deadly game and now Malcolm and Suzanne must race against time to save the child from a similar fate While friends and former associates are imprisoned and executed around them Malcolm and his wife Suzanne set out to find the girl And as kings argue over legitimacy and relations battle over estates trusting the wrong side can be deadl. Teresa Grant has written a series of historical mystery novels set during and just after the Napoleonic Wars Her French heroine Suzanne is married to an English attach and spy and together they negotiate their way through murder intrigue and passion The stories are always a little slow but the historical detail is spot on and the interaction between the characters and their slowly unfolding relationships makes up for it

review The Paris Affair Rannoch Fraser Mysteries #3The Paris Affair Rannoch Fraser Mysteries #3

review The Paris Affair Rannoch Fraser Mysteries #3 Download Ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ Tracy Grant Tracy Grant ¼ 5 Summary Nd Intelligence Agent Malcolm Rannoch learns that his murdered half sister Princess Tatiana Kirsanova may have left behind a secret child in Paris; a child who may now be in grave danger And Malcolm suspects there was than mere impropriety behind her silence As Malcolm and Suzanne begin searching for answers they learn that the child was just one of many secrets Tatiana had been keeping The princess was the toast of Paris when she arrived in the glamorous city flirting her way into the ar. This latest book by one of the best when it comes to delivering thrills is focused once again on the Rannoch family Malcolm an aristocratic British diplomat and his wife Suzanne whose family was absolutely ruined by Napoleon s war These two are true spies and have many secrets they keep from the public not to mention each other with a backstory that s extremely engaging Finding themselves in the middle of an investigation of a French informant double agent Count Antoine de Rivere these spies uncover even secrets that are at the core of their own familyGoing into a lower class bar located in a part of the city that they certainly don t freuent the spies try to get the double agent away from danger and into a safe house But while in the bar the Count hints to Malcolm that Malcolm s murdered sister Princess Tatiana Kirsanova might just be the mother of a child the family never even knew aboutDemanding safe passage out of the country to a safe destination the informant threatens Malcolm Unfortunately before he can win the argument a fight breaks out and causes the Count s demiseBack at the British Embassy the Duke of Wellington asks Malcolm and Suzanne to find the truth As they begin looking for answers what the couple does find is that the Princess was than mysterious the birth of a child was only a small part of her vault of secrets she d kept hidden from her family The biggest surprise The child they go hunting for may just have been fathered by Napoleon himself A true romp through Paris offering readers thrills chills and surprises around every dark corner this tale keeps up a fast pace Following Napoleon s defeat at Waterloo the investigation into the Princess and when and if she did have a child with the failed Emperor makes for a great adventure Keeping readers on the edge of their seats throughout this is one book that is unforgettable

Download Ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ Tracy Grant

review The Paris Affair Rannoch Fraser Mysteries #3 Download Ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ Tracy Grant Tracy Grant ¼ 5 Summary July August 1815 From the ashes of war rise the secrets of its darkest hearts In the wake of the Battle of Waterloo Paris is a house divided The triumphant Bourbon court in Paris and their victorious allies flaunt their victory with lavish parties while the Royalists are uick to exact vengeance for everything since the Revolution Countless Bonapartists seek revenge only to be captured and executed in what comes to be known as the White Terror In this seething atmosphere British attaché a. This book picks up shortly after the events in Imperial Scandal Malcolm s latest assignment is Paris post Waterloo Paris is a hot bed of intrigue plots spies and counter spies and a big mystery about his illegitimate half sister now dead see Vienna Waltz and Malcolm and Suzanne are once again in the thick of things and really too complicated to try to spell out in a review I don t do book reports pI enjoyed this a lot especially seeing of Malcolm and Suzanne s relationship but boy does she have a big secret waiting for the shoe to drop The fictional characters are nicely blended in with real historical people and events always a plus especially that evil Fouch Wouldn t want to get on his bad sideOne cautionary note on this and Grant s other books in the series there is a large cast of characters and the twists and turns can really twist and turn and may be a bit overwhelming Don t take this along as a beach read unless you re prepared to pay attention and keep the list of characters in the front at hand at all timesKindle copy obtained via library loan