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  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Esclavas del Poder
  • Lydia Cacho
  • English
  • 20 April 2020
  • 9781619022966

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Lydia Cacho ò 4 Download Free read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Lydia Cacho review Esclavas del Poder For the price of a gun but Cacho's powerful first person interviews with mafiosi pimps prostitutes and those who managed to escape from captivity makes it impossible to ignore the terrible human cost of this lucrative exchangeShocking and sobering Slavery Inc is an exceptional book both for the colossal scope of its enuiry and for the tenacious bravery with which Cacho pursues the tru. A must read if you want to understand what slavery and human trafficlking is about and how human trafficking and legal prostitution are unseperately interwinded all my respect for the brave couragous and wonderful Lydia Cacho

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Lydia Cacho ò 4 Download Free read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Lydia Cacho review Esclavas del Poder Ng the celebrated journalist Lydia Cacho follows the trail of the traffickers and their victims from Mexico to Turkey Thailand to Ira Georgia to the UK to expose the trade's hidden links with the tourist industry internet pornography drugs and arms smuggling the selling of body organs money laundering and even terrorismThis is an underground economy in which a sex slave can be bought. This book is absolutely essential for anyone who thinks legalizing prostitution is the answer to the problems that plague the sex industryLydia Cacho at great personal risk has captured the stories of the voiceless women and girls tricked or forced into prostitutionAlthough there are myriad reasons why legalizing prostitution does a disservice to prostitutes and to all women simply the fact that it allows trafficking to flourish should be enoughOf course there s also the industry of pornography where so many men learn how to treat women like objects who love to be punished and so many women learn what they are for to satisfy men s desires no matter how inhumaneSex slavery is just the most extreme form of the conditioning all women receive all over the world If you find what is done to these women and girls abhorrent you should be against the objectification and commodification of women in all arenas including voluntary prostitution very little of which is actually voluntary only those women who DO have the privilege of real choice or think they do have the luxury of making their voices heard and pornography I think this book could have gone into depth about how the lie of liberal feminism has spawned a misogynist backlash all over the world and made the lives of those who traffic in women and girls infinitely easier but it does touch on it a bit

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Lydia Cacho ò 4 Download Free read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Lydia Cacho review Esclavas del Poder Illegal inhuman and impervious to recession there is one trade that continues to thrive just out of sight The international sex trade criss crosses the entire globe a sinister network made up of criminal masterminds local handlers corrupt policemen willfully blind politicians eager consumers and countless hapless women and children In this ground breaking work of investigative reporti. REINVENTING LOVE OR SLAVERY INC THE UNTOLD STORY OF INTERNATIONAL SEX TRAFFICKING The clients are insecure drunks who believe whatever we tell them a young Cuban prostitute in a Cancun lap dancing bar tells Lydia Cacho a Mexican journalist who has devoted her career to investigating violence against women Some of them are very vulgar and they believe we are going to fall in love with them Worldwide one of the first things enslaved girls are taught Cacho reveals in Slavery Inc her devastating expos of the rapidly expanding global market for sex slaves is to call their clients my love my life darling big daddy or my king International trafficking of women and children for sex is a multi billion dollar business rivaling the numbers of African slaves sold from the 1500s to the 1800s Each year 139 million people mostly women and girls many as young as 4 years old are sold and subjected to rape and enslavement Over a period of five years Lydia Cacho traveled the world from Mexico and the US to Thailand and Japan from Turkey and Israel to the UK and the Ukraine tracking small and large sex slave mafia operations run by the Japanese Yakuza the Chinese Triads the Italian Russian and Albanian mafias and the Latin American drug cartels Often risking her life she interviewed victims clients pimps traffickers politicians businessmen law enforcement officials and employees of NGOs trying to help the victims Packed with mind boggling statistics her book provides a detailed explanation of how sex trafficking works and the fundamental role played by mafias governments and banksIn a conversational prose Cacho unfolds a horror story of unfathomable human suffering She reports on girls sold to traffickers by their mothers in Cambodia girls stolen from orphanages in Romania women in Uzbekistan and Brazil who seeking to escape poverty are duped by traffickers with fake foreign employment contracts as nannies domestic workers secretaries models etc then forced to repay their exorbitant travel and immigration expenses through prostitution after undergoing systematic brainwashing convincing them they are good for nothing else Confronted by these abhorrent practices Cacho tries to understand how ethically we as a society can allow sex slavery to exist and thrive She boldly uestions every aspect of our civilization including sacrosanct values such as free speech free markets and liberty Recalling Isaiah Berlin s famous uote Liberty is liberty not euality or fairness or justice or culture or human happiness or a uiet conscience she wonders What is liberty for these girls for women Or perhaps liberty is what allows men to foster a culture where slavery is normalized Despite the strides made this past century to improve women s lives our planetary culture is still permeated with Page 3s and Page 6s ubiuitous advertising euating eroticized women and girls with merchandise and movies music and computer games promoting violence against women Cacho writes In a culture governed by misogynistic and patriarchal values the female body is viewed as an object that can be both sold used and disposed of No country has made an effort to create real conditions for euality between the sexes Read the rest of the column at Bookslut