KINDLE [Sinful Tales]

  • Kindle Edition
  • 124
  • Sinful Tales
  • Adriana Hunter
  • English
  • 05 August 2019
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FREE DOWNLOAD Sinful Tales 107 BeastWhen young Cassiel ventures into the darkness of the forest nothing could prepare her for what was lurking in the shadows hungry for the sweet taste of the innocent Within minutes Cassiel finds herself caught up in a wild chase of seduction by a beast that will stop at nothing until he consumes herSleeping Beauty RetoldThere was no denying her unearthly beauty and when the handsome Prince stumbles into her bedchamber he is powerless to resistVirgin In The TowerBound by a torturous spell that leaves her paralyzed and unable to speak Princess Isabella appears to be swept in an endless slumber of death She lies abandoned and forgotten tucked in a secret chamber within the Fortress of Aurora for days before she is finally found by a young shepherd intent on raiding the abandoned fortress of all its treasures in order to provide salvation to the poor villagers who are all but forgotten by the wicked ueen MotherBut as he frantically pillages the fortress's treasury he discovers that the beautiful young Princess can somehow sense him hear him smell him Captivated by her beauty and innoc.

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FREE DOWNLOAD Sinful Tales 107 Ence he anxiously struggles for a way to break the spell Will the shepherd unlock the secret to the Princess's freedom in time or will the spell go unbroken foreverAt His Mercy Prisoner In The WellAll that glitters is not goldWhen Abby discovers a golden tree filled with heavy intoxicating fruit she cannot resist its delicate temptations But when her hunger forces her deeper into the forbidden forest she uickly loses her way only to be swept into a dark underworldBut she is not aloneThroughout the years the lure of the golden tree has served as his only connection to the outside world Now his trap was set and all he could do was wait for her to find it It wouldn't be long before he'd have her and once he did he would never let her goForest PreyElla's spirit has been broken The daughter of a cold heartless widow she is forced out into the dark forest in search of a better life Alone and unwantedor so she thinksAs she makes her way through the thick forest maze she discovers that not everything is as it seems and her greatest protector may just turn out to be her most feared enemy of al.

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FREE DOWNLOAD Sinful Tales 107 Sinful Tales offers a complete collection of erotic romance and fantasy stories all in one bookIncludes ALL of the following hot erotic romance storiesRed Her WolfThis isn't your ordinary fairytale and it certainly isn't the Little Red Riding Hood that you've heard of as a child In Red Her Wolf you are introduced to a scorching hot tale of unbridled passion and lust set to the backdrop of a dark haunted forestRedra lives a content and peaceful life in the small village of Meadowland situated on the outer skirts of the dark forest of Evercast But one day she finds herself being beckoned into the forbidden forests by the sound of a maiden's scream Desperate to help she follows the distant cries until she finds herself lost With nightfall looming overhead she seeks refuge in an old cabin only to discover that she is hardly aloneWith the darkness of the night forming an impenetrable cloak above and the growl of a mysterious beast at her heels Redra is forced into a torrent of an endless forest maze until she finds herself face to face with the unforgiving hunger of the wolfPleasuring The.

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