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READ A Journal for Jordan 107 Dana Canedy ç 7 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ë eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ç Dana Canedy Soldier’s body piece by piece from a tank–and the importance of honoring that young man’s life He finished the journal two months before his death while home on a two week leave so intoxicated with love for his infant son that he barely slept Finally this is the story of Dana and Charles together–two seemingly mismatched souls who loved each other deeply She was a Pulitzer Prize winning editor for the New York Times who struggled with her weight He was a decorated military officer with a sculpted body who got his news from television She was impatient brash and cynical about love He was excruciatingly shy and stubborn and put his military service before anything else In these pages we relive with Dana the slow unfolding of their love their decision to become a family the chilling news that Charles has been deployed to Ira and the birth. This is an amazing love story You know the tragic ending from the outset which makes reading about the incredible love that the author shared with Master Sargeant Charles King before he was killed in Ira all the heart wrenching Ultimately though I was buoyed by Dana Canedy s amazing courage and by the knowledge that she has a beautiful baby boy to remind her of the love that she and Charles experienced for 10 unforgettable years As an editor for the NY Times Canedy definitely knows how to write Despite the heaviness of the story I found the book hard to put down and I read right through every page of notes and acknowledgements because I didn t want the book to end

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A Journal for Jordan

READ A Journal for Jordan 107 Dana Canedy ç 7 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ë eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ç Dana Canedy Of their son In perhaps the most wrenching chapter in the book Dana recounts her search for answers about Charles’s death Unsatisfied with the army’s official version of what happened and determined to uncover the truth she pored over summaries of battalion operations reports and drew on her well honed reporting skills to interview the men who were with Charles on his last convoy his commanding officers and other key individuals In the end she arrived at an account of Charles’s death–and his last days in his battalion–that was difficult to face than the story she had been told but that affirmed the decency and courage of this warrior and father A Journal for Jordan is a tender introduction a loving good bye a reporter’s inuiry into her soldier’s life and a heartrending reminder of the human cost of war From the Hardcover edition. Wow What a fantastically moving tribute to an incredible person relationship and legacy Dana Canedy a talented journalist shares so honestly in this memoir that it makes an indelible impression which is the best possible tribute to her fallen hero fiance Charles King and their son Jordan for whom ostensibly this book is written This is truly a gift to us all written so compellinglyIn recounting the story of her life of that of her now deceased fiance of the love that they developed and of the son whose life is a testament to a life well lived the author is unflinchingly honest Frankly some of the least enjoyable parts of the book are honest revelations about the limitations of her own character at least until she accepted her fiance s love fully and was transformed especially by the birth of their son As impressive as her own journey has been her unflinching portrayal of herself is at times uite unflattering but adds a depth to the story that makes her transformation all the impressive and amazingSimply put this is a love story first between two adults who don t seem perfectly matched largely because one of them refuses to drop this defensepretense and then between two parents and a special little boy who becomes the living embodiment of their love If you are by nature skeptical or have even given up on love this book will rattle you and perhaps give you the courage to hope as its core love story is as inspiring as it is transcendentYet as well as this memoir is done one can t help but be saddened by the reality that created it It paints a vivid all too human picture of the true cost of America s foreign policy especially its choice to go war in recent years No matter how you feel politically about the Ira War you will be indelibly apprised of its cost At perhaps too high a cost A Journal for Jordan reminds us that freedom isn t free and reminds us to be demanding of our leaders to insure that we achieve it at an effective costRead this book and you will have your belief in the ultimate triumph of the human spirit as well as your appreciation for the pathos that accompanies it enhanced It is a compelling read a touching memoir and a most memorable inspiring human story

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READ A Journal for Jordan 107 Dana Canedy ç 7 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ë eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ç Dana Canedy In 2005 First Sergeant Charles Monroe King began to write what would become a two hundred page journal for his son in case he did not make it home from the war in Ira Charles King forty eight was killed on October 14 2006 when an improvised explosive device detonated under his Humvee on an isolated road near Baghdad His son Jordan was seven months old A Journal for Jordan is a mother’s letter to her son–fierce in its honesty–about the father he lost before he could even speak It is also a father’s advice and prayers for the son he will never knowA father figure to the soldiers under his command Charles moved naturally into writing to his son In neat block letters he counseled him on everything from how to withstand disappointment and deal with adversaries to how to behave on a date And he also wrote from his tent of recovering a young. I hate reviewing memoirs I always feel like such a bitch when I m critical of them because it seems like I m criticizing a real person instead of a character and in this case because it is about a soldier and his family it may even seem like I m not being sufficiently supportive of the troops Oh well I did not like this book At all I read this book because it has been chosen as next year s OneBook selection for my university That means that all incoming freshmen will read this book and all Freshman English classes will have to feature it I teach Freshman English so I wanted to see what we were getting intoUltimately not only did I intensely dislike this book but I don t think it s a particularly appropriate choice for this kind of program The premise is something that deserves attention the losses attendant upon war memory grief and it truly is tragic that Dana Canedy s fianc Charles was killed in Ira and that her son will not know his father However just because a situation is tragic does not mean it deserves a book At no point was I drawn into these people s lives in a meaningful way Each chapter except the epilogue is framed as a letter from Dana Canedy to her son Jordan telling him about his father his parents lives and relationship and his father s death This is the kind of thing that a child would cherish But I don t know these people and their lives though valuable in their own right do not interest me It is Canedy s responsibility in writing a memoir to make her life interesting and relevant to the reader and with that she failed Further I was extremely put off by the glorification of the military even though for a time Canedy is angry after Charles s death the majority of the book consists of her being bravely supportive no matter how she really feels or what she really thinks about the war the constant references to God prayer religion and angels really it s okay with me if people believe in God but I have to teach this book and the excuses Canedy makes for Charles behaviors which include skipping the birth of their child not calling her when he was choosing to attend another man s child s birth instead of meeting her for a date and his sometimes overbearing need to be chivalrous of his womanThis is not a book that inspires critical thought It is presented as a love story but their relationship has serious problems including major incompatibilities and an almost complete lack of communication at times that are glossed over or romanticized It raises important issues like the dangers and costs of military service domestic abuse gender roles and marriage among other things but often than not these issues are also glossed over in favor of spending time describing how good looking Charles was or what a good baby Jordan is This is a book that wants to be deeper or meaningful than it is Canedy describes and emotes a lot but she doesn t really do than that and for a memoir to be truly powerful to be than a gimmick it must go beyond background information facts and personal feelings If you re interested in a memoir about war look for Tim O Brien s The Things They Carried O Brien takes his memories of Vietnam the very personal memories and makes of them something much greater than his own experience something that speaks not only to veterans but to everyone who has lost someone or done something that they may regret