[New] (Gray Mountain) BY John Grisham

  • Hardcover
  • 368
  • Gray Mountain
  • John Grisham
  • English
  • 20 February 2020
  • 9780385537148

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Gray Mountain Summary ↠ 8 ??t so thrilled to have a big city lawyer in town And she learns that Brady like most small towns harbors some big secretsHer new job takes Samantha into the murky and dangerous world of coal mining where laws are often broken rules are ignored regulations are flouted communities are divided and the land itself is under attack from Big Coal Violence is always just around the corner and within weeks Samantha finds herself engulfed in litigation that turns deadly. This is one of Gresham s best I grew up in the area this book is about and saw what he is talking about first hand It is very accurate and though he does talk about some of the stereotypes of uneducated people in the area he does not belabor the issue and he does show there are also educated people and that the general personality of the area is one of love and caring about each other He also shows how absentee owners are raping the land to get and sell coal for the biggest profits for them but at the expense of the health of the people and environment of the region So sad that many of the people need the coal jobs to live but to do that they are being forced to destroy their own health and their environment neither of which will ever recover Great book

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Gray Mountain Summary ↠ 8 Atter of days Samantha moves from Manhattan to Brady Virginia population 2200 in the heart of Appalachia a part of the world she has only read about Mattie Wyatt lifelong Brady resident and head of the town’s legal aid clinic is there to teach her how to “help real people with real problems” For the first time in her career Samantha prepares a lawsuit sees the inside of an actual courtroom gets scolded by a judge and receives threats from locals who aren?. This is by far the least enjoyable John Grisham book I ve read The book starts fine with heroine Samantha Kofer being furloughed in New York but when she relocates to Virginia to work for a legal aid clinic the story is at turns silly boring and contrived but definitely not exciting Samantha is a real lawyer for the first time and the problems she solves for her clients are certainly emotional but the first half of the book felt like a collection of random short stories about impoverished families getting shafted by big coal companiesThe second half of the book is supposed to be tense with Samantha and Jeff Gray behaving like spies as people are eavesdropping on their conversations and following them around Jeff is hiding a cache of documents that will blow the lid off a case against a coal company and a big law firm eco terrorists are shooting out tires at coal mining companies an evil company might have committed murder Samantha is weighing her future go back to New York and get back on the career track or stay in rural Virginia and help impoverished people who can t afford lawyers And all of it felt silly I don t understand the book description promoting Samantha Kofer as a new hero at least not in any legalthrillermystery genres because this book isn t any of those things GRAY MOUNTAIN is really about a city lawyer realizing that rich real estate developers aren t the only people in the world that need lawyers The fact she didn t know that already makes her heroic once she figures it out Uh no I just don t get it at all

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Gray Mountain Summary ↠ 8 John Grisham has a new hero and she’s full of surprises The year is 2008 and Samantha Kofer’s career at a huge Wall Street law firm is on the fast track until the recession hits and she gets downsized furloughed escorted out of the building Samantha though is one of the “lucky” associates She’s offered an opportunity to work at a legal aid clinic for one year without pay after which there would be a slim chance that she’d get her old job backIn a m. I think John Grisham forgot to write a story The entire book was simply a way to preach about the injustice of strip mining and poor old down home mountainfolk in Appalachia Interesting stuff Worthy of investigation Boring presentation The whole book felt sketchy nothing had any depth to it shallow characters uickly resolved legal issues shady bad guys annoying protagonist The only true observation working in Big Law can be mind numbingly exhausting and cutthroat Skip this one