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  • When Only Love Remains
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  • 26 October 2019
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When Only Love Remains Download ↠ 104 Bright and living her dream He's a heartbroken singer on his way to becoming bigShe's an ardent fan of his He can't imagine why and yet seems to find comfort in her wordsIt's the first time they are together an. My 1st Durjoy Datta book and most probably my lastRomance stories have a charm in them A well written romance with an interesting plot with lovable characters can be a joy to read This story sadly lacked everything Plot characters and writingThe story starts with first person narratives from two people in alternating chapters The boy is a small time struggling singer with a rather miserable life The girl having demons of her own is this singer s biggest fan having discovered him accidentally The girl is literally madly in love with this guy whom she hasn t still met yet The guy on the other hand doesn t even know she exists Now one fine day they do meet and the love story just escalates exponentially within a matter of 24 hours There is a twist about 3 uarters into the book which supposedly sets up the whole impactful climaxNow as far as the plot is concerned it was just weak The plot appears to be divided into 3 parts before they meet during their time together after the twist I was intrigued during the 1st part of the book but the 2nd and 3rd part went downhill I had a hard time imagining the things depicted to be actually happening in real life The plot appeared and fake and unbelievable as the story progressed Coupled with that storyline are these characters that are poorly crafted by Datta This girl in the beginning is a scared being unable to even stand up for herself she is suddenly this bold female who reeks with confidence in the second half the 3rd half she is some sort of perfect human being acting savior to many in need The boy I did like almost throughout the book even after his drastic decision close to the endingFinally amateur writing Just pure amateur writing I cant t believe that this guy has written 9 books before this and all have been bestsellers The narration felt like I was watching a TV Serial rather than reading a book There is a difference between how we speak and how we write Dutta just mixed that up He transforms into a full philosophical mode right at the end which I felt was well written but that doesn t make up for the disastrous writing throughout Plot 0752Characters 0251Writing Style 051Climax 0251My Rating 1755

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When Only Love Remains Download ↠ 104 I've imagined this in my head so many times I've always thought about what I would say; What I would do and how it would all turn out to be And every time I would remove some detailShe's a flight attendant young. WARNING THIS BOOK WILL MAKE YOU FALL IN LOVEWhy didn t they add that warning on the coverMy feelingsi can t tell you guysI CAN TIntriguingIt makes you cry n sobIt makes you fall in loveSPOILER ALERT You ll fall in love with the writerPS I wrote this with swollen eyes and running nose and i m still in a flummoxed state

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When Only Love Remains Download ↠ 104 D in their hearts both are wishing hoping and praying that the night would never end That the time they are spending together lasts and lastsIn the world of imperfection there is always someone just right for yo. Detailed Review HereDurjoy Datta does it again I liked the book a lot although Till the Last Breath will still remain my favorite from him Recommended to all people who love to read romance fictions It makes you laugh it makes you cry and it makes you fall in love all over again