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  • The Infinite Harrow House #3
  • Douglas Clegg
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  • 02 January 2020
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Read & Download ê The Infinite Harrow House #3 104 Douglas Clegg è 4 Free read S empty Ivy Martin is obsessed with bringing Harrow House back to life And Jack Fleetwood a ghost hunter wan. Decent haunted house story by Clegg I did not read the two earlier installments in the series but it was fine as a stand alone Harrow House has a long history but most recently it was a private prep school in the Hudson Valley until a fire destroyed part of it and killed some students The new owner has some connection to the history of the place and wants to bring in some people with psi talent to check it out The first half of the book deals with the drama of the three psi talents and their lives to date the second half is when they arrive at Harrow for a four daynight stay Nothing spectacular but fun reading during the pandemic

characters The Infinite Harrow House #3

The Infinite Harrow House #3

Read & Download ê The Infinite Harrow House #3 104 Douglas Clegg è 4 Free read Harrow House is a place of tragedy and nightmares First a madman's fortress it then became a school Now it i. VERY frustrating read Clegg can write but I was left feeling that this could of used another draft to iron out a few things The Infinite starts out well for like 300 pages or so as an homage to Jackson s Haunting of Hill House Matheson s Hell House and perhaps Tryon s The Other Clegg telegraphs this is in an obvious passage where a character in trying to find Harrow the Evil house ponders her directions with a number of streets named Jackson Matheson avenue and Tryon as options I actually kind of liked that since at that point p 154 55 Clegg had pretty much established himself to my mind as a good writer so that the homage seemed earnedBut as others have pointed out Clegg spends a lot of time on character development and back story for the house It s all well done with dark diary entries bits and pieces of horrible history etc but the pacing is such that is demands an epic length I m talking 800 to 1000 pages in order flesh all that Clegg has suggested out And this coming from a Horror fan who believes shorter is better for the genre And then comes the last 70 pages which is a rush of Clive Barker Horrorshow It s well done in a contained sort of way though I don t think it meshes with the considerable buildup You feel cheated as if the author wanted to wrap things up and too uickly On top of that there are some oversights that I uestion One has a character pressing a gun up against the chest of another character who stands above her after she has tripped and fell I m not super nit picky but that s glaring Another has a character who has mother in London going into a hospital and being released to one of the participants of the Harrow experiment It s like the mother is completely forgotten It would of been an easy thing to cut the family reference out When I see these kinds of things I feel it s simply sloppy or rushed writing In this case that s a shame because Clegg strikes me as being a solid writer who can tell a good story and create good characters

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Read & Download ê The Infinite Harrow House #3 104 Douglas Clegg è 4 Free read Ts to find out what lurks in its halls Together they assemble the people who can pierce the mansion's shadow. The story had a slow buildup but the cast of characters was very interesting It took forever to get to the point of the haunting tale Then everything happened so fast I m not sure I completely understood the point of the whole story But the characters kept my attention I ll try another one in the series