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  • Potted Meat
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  • 16 May 2020
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Free download Ò Potted Meat ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Steven Dunn ð 5 Free read Lcohol addiction and racial tensions Using fragments as a narrative mode to highlight the terror of ellipses Potted Meat explores the fear power and vul. Goddamn what a beautiful book

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Potted Meat

Free download Ò Potted Meat ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Steven Dunn ð 5 Free read Nerability of storytelling and in doing so investigates the peculiar tensions of the body How we seek to escape or remain embodied during repeated traum. This book blew me away I ve had the great fortune of reading with author Steven Dunn on two perhaps occasions I m always stunned by his work read aloud and his words on the page do not disappoint These linked stories in short verse chapters are set in West Virginia and are resilient testimonials about a narrator who rises above so many struggles and trauma that exists in every twist and turn I m so grateful for this book Potted Meat and to know Steven personally makes me feel all the complete

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Free download Ò Potted Meat ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Steven Dunn ð 5 Free read Potted Meat a novel set in a decaying town in southern West Virginia follows a young boy into adolescence as he struggles with abusive parents poverty a. Potted Meat s author Steven Dunn is a recurring visitor to the monthly FBomb flash fiction series at the Mercury Cafe on occasion serving as host and the incomparable nature of his first offering may stand as testament to the excellence of the FBomb series and the disparate authors collected under that banner Dunn s book is set in a decaying town in West Virginia and while the narrative is contiguous the action unfolds elliptically in fluttering shots like a reel of film unwinding The reel is divided into three segments 1 LIFT TAB 2 PEEL BACK 3 ENJOY CONTENTS The author s voice is spare and evenly balanced conveying essentials without overstating Every day after me and Grandad sit on the porch and eat fried green tomatoes my cousin teaches me how to draw That s the first sentence I get in the car nod at Leonard and Dee And my recruiter pulls off Those are the last two as the protagonist is whisked off into a new life away from his moribund roots In between them is one of the best original works of prose this reporter has come across locally since the halcyon days of Don Becker and Phillip Duncan speaking as a former insider not that there s any comparison between any one of these writers to another but that each embodies a level of worth accessible to all despite their differences one to another To which this reporter will add that his discovery of the greatness of FBomb was truly encouraging as to the notion of hidden pockets of greatness persisting irrepressibly in Denver whether or not one pays attention What Potted Meat is a perceptibly heartfelt work presumably largely or entirely based in personal experience Dunn having been young in West Virginia himself and has tangible impact on the reader as hereEveryone is downstairs crying I walk upstairs to Grandma s room It is dark Her dirty pink house shoes are lined up by the nightstand like she just got into bed The covers on her side are pulled back like she just got out of bad I leave and ask my mom how Grandma died My mom says she just turned yellow and died What I say You heard me she says she just turned yellow and died I will never eat dandelions again That s the entirety of a chapter in Potted Meat called Yellow Dunn s writing is CONTINUED AT THE LINK BELOWhttpwwwexaminercomreviewpotted