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  • 21 June 2018
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Who Fears the Devil characters ß 104 John's my name Where I've been is places and what I've seen is things and there've been times I've run off from seeing them I keep moving me and this guitar Sometimes I've got food with me and an extra shirt maybe but most times just the guitar Up thes. With this innovative and uniue cycle of stories Manly Wade Wellman became the first writer to use the legends and lore of the Appalachians to craft a body of weird tales Wellman already established as a successful author of genre fiction traveled to North Carolina to teach writing at Chapel Hill and fell in love with the music and culture of the Smokies He bought himself a mountain cabin and soon began to write stories about John the Balladeer itinerant musician and collector of songs who wars against the forces of evil armed with his silver stringed guitarThere are not many big scares in these stories still Wellman has a knack similar to Le Fanu s of choosing the precise detail to deeply unsettle his reader Besides whatever these tales lack in scare power they than make up for both in ghostly and in Appalachian atmosphere Wellman s feel for the mountain hants and his knowledge of the people their fierce pride and essential generosity give these tales a weight that they might not otherwise possess In addition Wellman has an instinctive understanding of the black and white almost Manichean Christianity that informs their beliefs Come to think of it any open minded Evangelical Christian who likes a good ghost story could not choose a better collection than this book by Wellman either for themselves or for their older children His hero Silver John is both gentle and fierce his tales are invariably moral and good inevitably triumphs but never meretriciously in the end

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Who Fears the Devil characters ß 104 A mountains in the shadows of their tall rocks beside their waters among their trees some of the weirdest tales you may ever read Wellman's work is not bound by space or time and least of all by science it is uniue unsettling and strangely habit formin. The complete tales of Silver John by Manly Wade Wellman These are all well crafted uniue and eccentric fantasyhorror tales about a wandering traveler named John apparently based on a young Johnny Cash who carries around a silver stringed guitar and stumbles into bizarre encounters with creatures and legends of American Southern folklore Wellman himself was rather uniue amongst genre writers having been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize He also beat out William Faulkner for a Mystery prize much to Faulker s chagrin and wrote much of the early run of The Spirit comic strip while Will Eisner was fighting in Second World War I definitely recommend this volume if you re interested in eccentric horror stories and the American folk tradition

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Who Fears the Devil characters ß 104 E heights and down these hollows you'd best go expecting anything Maybe everything if you believe it you might get some good thing out of it If you don't well I don't have a gun to make you stop and hark at itFrom the strange world of the North Carolin. Silver John travels the Appalachian mountains encountering all manner of strangness with only his silver stringed guitar for a companionI have a confession to make I think 95% of fantasy stories are derivative and unoriginal This collection is neither Who Fears the Devil is the complete collection of Silver John short stories 30 in number ranging for three or four paragraphs to fifteen pages Silver John is a wandering balladeer modeled after a young Johnny Cash who wanders from one strange event to the next The first thing I noticed about the stories were how skilled Manly Wade Wellman was at rendering Southern dialogue without making the speakers seem stupid Once I dug in the book was hard to set aside for too long and I m not a big fan of short stories by any meansThe best way to describe the stories would be to call them American fantasy The stories explore different aspects of Southern and mountain folklore much having to do with witches ghosts demons and other supernatural creatures The line between fantasy and horror is blurred in some of them while others are pretty humorous Silver John outwits supernatural beasties encounters a giant a house that s acutaly a living organism and other things too odd to mention all the while playing songs on his guitar and singing If you like fantasy that isn t derived from Tolkien you could do a lot worse than spending a few evenings with Silver John