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  • The Ruthless Boys Adamson All Boys Academy #2
  • C.M. Stunich
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  • 02 April 2020
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The Ruthless Boys Adamson All Boys Academy #2 review ì 6 Read & Download Ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB á C.M. Stunich C.M. Stunich á 6 Free read Nd hopeless coffee addict Ranger the bada VP and naked baker The identical McCarthy twins and MMA enthusiasts And Spencer the boy who was willing to uestion everything about himself to fall for me oh SpencerMurder and romance are both in the air at Adamson; I'm just not sure which one will kill me firs. WHAT THE EFF WAS THAT ENDINGBut seriously Ugh this series is not nice to my heart Just when everything was shaping up for a Happily Ever After the ending was like WHAM NO I have so much whiplash from the last chapter I am unsure my heart will recover The beginning of this book was full of so much grief and processing of grief It was raw and Chuck s emotional trauma was the forefront When things begin to settle down the threats on Chuck s life don t stop even though the crew hasn t discovered much about Jenica s murder Unfortunately Chuck s dad is still an asshole and decides to send her back to California now While Chuck is still a bit immature and annoying her dad is worse He doesn t take anything she says seriously even when its obvious he knows something is happening I get that he s stressed and has his own BS to deal with but like come on Believe your damn daughter FFS The biggest surprise for me in this book was Church I didn t think I d like him ever because he s so cold and emotionless at times But getting to see of him interacting with Chuck in this book made me ship them so hard Church and Ranger are my new faves even though Ranger was my fave in the last book The harem begins to shape up in this book and my god was I living for it I need right now

review The Ruthless Boys Adamson All Boys Academy #2The Ruthless Boys Adamson All Boys Academy #2

The Ruthless Boys Adamson All Boys Academy #2 review ì 6 Read & Download Ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB á C.M. Stunich C.M. Stunich á 6 Free read E killer follows My new high school isn't safe and turns out neither is my old oneI'm not a member of the Student Council but after everything we've been through together after the horrible things we've seen I may as well be These ruthless boys have taken me under their wingChurch the fearless leader a. Steamy and suspenseful I think what I love most about this series is the suspense I mean at this point I really don t know who the bad guys are She s keeping us on our toes for sure I also surprisingly like the slow burn aspect because we re literally watching the development of this strong bond between all of them as they slowly build their harem I love spencer I love the twins I love ranger I love church Gahhh I want them all for myself And I really love our kicka heroine I said it in the first book but I ll say it again to leave this short and sweet YOU NEED THIS SERIES IN YOUR LIFE Off to the next one I go

Read & Download Ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB á C.M. Stunich

The Ruthless Boys Adamson All Boys Academy #2 review ì 6 Read & Download Ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB á C.M. Stunich C.M. Stunich á 6 Free read Psst I know a secretThe same secret that the Student Council the super rich super handsome elite of Adamson All Boys Academy knows tooJenica Woodruff the only girl to ever attend the academy before I showed up didn't commit suicide she was murderedNow someone is after me too but no matter where I go th. Rating 35 starsThe Secret Girl Much awaited BR with the cake eaters The Ruthless Boys although fun and entertaining was a big let down compared to the first book While I felt The Secret Girl was unapologetic towards the huge amount of obvious cliches and anime references The Ruthless Boys seemed to have a constant need to justify itself and take the fun away from meDisappointing yes but still a lot of fun The Ruthless Boys picks up exactly after book oneThe first half was a drag Really It was mostly filler a bit of fluff fun and cute moments but nothing absolutely amazing to really pick up my interest except for the characters Fortunately I love the Student Council and the pace of the book did pick up around the halfway mark We are not near any thriller action kind of pace but then again Adamson All Boys Academy is a lighthearted read inclined to develop the romance than the murder investigationBut as light as it wants to be the mystery is a central character by itself Filler apart the mystery is present in pretty much every scene but barely any hint are given during the journey The web continue to weave itself but we have to wait until the very end for a real development with a major cliffhangerStunich is no mystery writer And the whole story is simply too convenient to be than a fun moment The Ruthless Boys is a sexier version of The Ghost Bird I am here for the for the characters for the fun for the hilarious things Charlotte can say for the fluff to play which twin is which to have my ultimate fantasy realized five very credible hours of utter fun in an empty Disneyland and be there for the intense sexual tension Definitely not for the plot Forever Crew I am looking out for you