The Oracle Code (E–book)

  • Paperback
  • 208
  • The Oracle Code
  • Marieke Nijkamp
  • English
  • 08 July 2020
  • 9781401290665

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FREE DOWNLOAD î The Oracle Code FREE DOWNLOAD The Oracle Code Al rehabilitation Now using a wheelchair Barbara must adapt to a new normal but she cannot shake the feeling that something is dangerously amiss Within these walls strange sounds escape at night; patients go missing; and Barbara begins to put together pieces of what she believes to be a larger puzzleBut is this suspicion simply a result of h. i have a lot of conflicting feelings about this one on the one hand this was a cute little story it had an intriguing mystery and the art was good i think a lot of people especially preteens would find this enjoyable on the other hand something about this interpretation of Barbara felt off i had a hard time separating this from every other batgirl oracle comic i ve read out there i don t know how i feel about all the changes to her origin story though i do understand why some of them were done her relationship with her father bothered me on the whole this was ok i think i was just expecting something different and that s on me


The Oracle Code

FREE DOWNLOAD î The Oracle Code FREE DOWNLOAD The Oracle Code Er trauma Fellow patients try to connect with Barbara but she pushes them away and she'd rather spend time with ghost stories than participate in her daily exercises Even Barbara's own judgment is in uestionIn The Oracle Code universal truths cannot be escaped and Barbara Gordon must battle the phantoms of her past before they swarm her futu. I absolutely loved this book Even though it s targeted at young adults this book takes in such a NUANCED conversation around disability We watch Barbara transition from before and after her debilitation and watch as she struggles with her own self identity once she is a wheelchair user But the parts of her that make her Barbara Gordon never changed and the author makes that clear Through the support of other disabled kids she relearns who she is Meanwhile the mystery plot is actually what challenges the medical model of disability and pushes back against notions of cure It shows the horrors of institutionalization and just a small fraction of what the world does to disabled people especially those who have no community to support them It s beautifully animated and just such a wholesome cast of characters Yay for disabled people writing disabled narratives 1010 would read again and I have bc I bought it

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FREE DOWNLOAD î The Oracle Code FREE DOWNLOAD The Oracle Code The #1 New York Times bestselling author Marieke Nijkamp This Is Where It Ends and artist Manuel Preitano unveil a graphic novel that explores the dark corridors of Barbara Gordon's first mystery herselfAfter a gunshot leaves her paralyzed Barbara Gordon enters the Arkham Center for Independence where Gotham's teens undergo physical and ment. I hate this Barbara Gordon on page 19Oh Babs you re making it too easy to fashion a snarky or cutting line about how I didn t really enjoy your new YA themed graphic novel The Oracle Code It was sort of a shame too I repeatedly make mention in GR reviews that Black Canary Zatanna and Barbara Gordon aka the original Batgirl aka Oracle aka Joe the Cop on the What s Going Down episode of That s My Mama just kidding on that last one or am I are some of my very favorite DC characters especially when paired with a solid scribe like the outstanding Ms Gail Simone It s too bad that teenage Babs is ill served here by this thin and boring supernatural ish sleuthing storyline and its cardboard villains which ultimately had as much depth and was about as memorable as the average Scooby Doo cartoon While there were a few well written moments concerning Babs uneven emotional state with her adjustment to life in a wheelchair the remainder of this reimagining of her origin was dull