Wyrd Sisters (DOWNLOAD)

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  • Wyrd Sisters
  • Terry Pratchett
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  • 01 August 2018
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Read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Terry Pratchett Terry Pratchett Ë 9 Free read characters Wyrd Sisters When murder mayhem and the sudden arrival of a royal baby disturb the monthly cauldro. The innuendos to Shapespeares work are the icing on the cake of the 2nd witch story The normal Pratchett universe is already filled with deeper meanings and hidden treasures of pop culture references innuendos and ironic criticism but if the motive is satirizing one of the most famous writers of all time tears can be laughed in vast amounts How the Discworld characters are used in the roles of the classic telling is ingenious and hilarious and the complex character constellations don t come too short too The very old classics and many of the newer ones from the 19th and 20th century have mostly become targets for and of satire as the behavior motives even not so much the language seem so bizarre stubborn and weird from the point of view of modern thinking for the few ones who practice it that the originals are always good for a laugh It s very hard to imagine that people really acted like that and that the idealized description was far away from the real life everything was pretty messed up and it seems incredible that many idealized the ideologies of these times as good and worthwhile until far into the 20th and 21st century The core of comedy is suffering and most of the classics written for the wealthy elite showcase what was seen as normal and appropriate behavior but is nothing than absolutely ridiculous Not all classics of course but this problem of subliminal messaging is a plague in these genres the wealthy and beautiful people liked their literary ivory towers and loss of reality as least as much as the real counterparts Brothers Grimm and Hamlet are in the house too and show that it s uite true that close to every story has already been told and that it s a uestion of remixing and reinterpreting to make new even better works using interbreeding them with other genres and plotlines Pratchett used everything he could find classics social criticism legends modern topics and amalgamated them to his immensely dense universe How childrens books and stories were written these days comes close to traumatizing compared to the positive psychology of todays genre literature standards that have no nightmare fuel horror elements fueling PTSD any Especially the old original not softened versions are pretty hardcore and it says much about the mentality of these days that they were often also used to indoctrinate before they became fictional literatureTropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue one is added to all Pratchettian reviews The idea of the dissected motifs rocks highlighting the main real world inspirational elements of fiction and satire is something usually done with so called higher literature but a much interesting field in readable literature as it offers the joy of reading subtle criticism and feeling smart all together

characters Wyrd SistersWyrd Sisters

Read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Terry Pratchett Terry Pratchett Ë 9 Free read characters Wyrd Sisters Lancre Kingdoms wobble and crowns topple in this sixth hilarious Discworld adventure. What a funny coincidence that my group started the Discworld buddy read at a time that meant this 6th installment would be read in October of all months How utterly appropriateAnd I have a confession to make I think I have a new favourite OOSo far my absolute favourite was Mort and it still is fantastic but this book is at least eually great There might not be deep messages about mortality but the plot in Wyrd Sisters has a lot of other important topics to offerThe story is that of how Granny Weatherwax Nanny Ogg two old witches from the Discworld and Magrat a young witch have started meeting regularly the word coven shall not be uttered unless you want to get one of Granny s frowns and how they come across save a baby that turns out to be a royal heir The king of Lancre has just died in an accident been self defenced to death been assassinated died under certain circumstances that shall not be discussed further so the witches make sure the heir is taken away by a theatre company However the land itself is not very happy about the developments so against all supposed rules the witches need to interveneThere is magic I vastly prefer the witches magic to the wizards one there is intrigue there is a bit of swashbuckling there is almost Shakespearean mummery there is DEATH there is an assortment of animals ghosts and many plot concepts that get turned on their heads in the most hilarious wayBest of all on top of getting my beloved Granny Weatherwax we are also getting her friend Nanny Gytha Ogg the two are a great pair AND my beloved GreeboIf you don t know who Greebo is just look at the uotes I liked he s truly uniue DThere were so many instances here where I didn t only have to chuckle but laugh out loud Just look at the incredible amount of uotes I highlighted I had to stop at some point or I would have uoted the entire book And the entire book was full of fast paced fun what with the plan the witches come up with to help destiny on its way though cudos to Terry Pratchett for not making it too easy just because they CAN do magic that was a nice twist all on its ownLike I said my new favourite also helped by another impeccable performance by the narrator who just nails Granny

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Read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Terry Pratchett Terry Pratchett Ë 9 Free read characters Wyrd Sisters N stirring of three witches trouble is bound to be brewed up in the little kingdom of. A definite candidate for book of the month review to follow later football allowing Well in the end it wasn t the football that delayed me I was delayed by only my second ever migraine so apologies if this is a bit of a mushynonsensical review as my brain still feels like cotton wool Right lets see witty well written amusing anecdotes Shakespearereal life parody DEATH witches it has to be Terry Pratchett I know I read this book many years ago but I didn t remember any of it and in my personal challenge of reading a Discworld novel every month this has to be my favourite so far I think I said that last month ha haBut it was my fave Granny W Nanny O and Magrat are all on top form Granny Weatherwax is at her most imperious and is the epitome of witch headology In addition the 3 witches also practice some for them rare but real magic to affect the outcome of a kingdom Regicide of a tough but fair King sends the kingdom of Lancre into chaos The rightful heir meanwhile is spirited away whilst a baby to save him with the band of travelling playersChaos then ensues in the kingdom as the murdering Duke and his wife try to take control of the land Suffice to say the witches won t allow this and by performing some real magic the heir to the kingdom is brought back as a almost grown man by the wandering thespians During the madness that follows a fool falls in love with a witch the witches end up playing themselves in the performers play the ghost king tries to stab the Duke who killed him and DEATH is confused by a retractable daggerAll in all a normal day on the Discworld a very disjointed review but that s my head at the moment