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T4 AUTHOR Ann Clare LeZotte Free read ↠ 104 Bled children uietly disappearing a priest comes to her family's door with an offer to shield Paula from an uncertain fa. This book was a complete disappointment First of all it claims to be a novel but according to my American Heritage Dictionary a novel is a fictional prose narrative of considerable length typically having a plot that is unfolded by the actions thoughts and speech of the characters T4 is not written in prose is not of considerable length and does not have a plot unfolded by the actions thoughts and speech of the characters In fact it does not have much of a plot at all LeZotte deaf herself attempts to the tell the story of Paula a deaf girl living in Hitler s Germany We all know about the 6 million Jews that were killed during the Holocaust but the deaths of other minorities during that time are often forgotten about Among those whom Hitler and the Nazis persecuted were people with disabilities and gypsies Roma which LeZotte unsatisfactorily tries to bring to light with this novelOne would think that the story of a deaf girl forced into hiding to avoid being sent to her death at the hands of Nazi doctors bent on euthanizing those who did not fit the master race mold would be emotionally riveting Yet somehow LeZotte manages to write in such a stilted manner that I couldn t even feel tense or concerned about Paula s fate And I m not some stoic piece of ice I work with deaf children everyday and feel uite strongly about their place in the world I m the girl who teared up while watching the season finale of The Amazing Race when the deaf contestant signed that most deaf people have parents who can t sign true So how is it possible that LeZotte s story left me cold LeZotte had a tremendous opportunity to put some real weight to her story especially given her own personal experiences growing up deaf in a hearing world and to shed some light on a little known chapter of Nazi Germany for young readers but instead she failed miserablyAlso and I m not an expert here I was not an English major but as a college educated person who spends a good deal of her day thinking about the English language my definition of poetry does not include writing a sentence in prose and then deciding to call it poetry by inserting line breaks at random intervals Here how about I start writing a poem in the same manner in which T4 was writtenPaula s story wasUnemotional and boringWith no real sense of thePassageOf timeAlthoughSomehowWe the readerGo from theBeginning ofThe war to itsConclusion in a matter ofPagesSuddenlyAll is wellWith theWorldYour worldWould be ever improvedIf you avoided thisTravestyOfA book

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T4 AUTHOR Ann Clare LeZotte Free read ↠ 104 Te When the sanctuary he offers is fleeting Paula needs to call upon all her strength to stay one step ahead of the Nazi. Hmm Nope Just didn t work for me Didn t feel like poetry at all I read a lot of children s literature including uite a bit of non fiction and to me this read exactly like a give it a uick once over non fiction easy reader on the Holocaust Thought it all the way through There was nothing lyrical about the prose Maybe 3 times in the entire book did I think Well that was kind of a nice lineI agree with the previous poster Chelsea who said just because you hit return in the middle of your sentences and occasionally call the hills blue that doesn t make it poetry Sadly she s exactly right on this one as far as my opinion goes

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T4 AUTHOR Ann Clare LeZotte Free read ↠ 104 It is 1939 Paula Becker thirteen years old and deaf lives with her family in a rural German town As rumors swirl of disa. To see this review and to learn about T4 please visit wwwreadrantrockandrollcom T4 by Ann Claremont Lezotte is a book about Hitler s Tiergartenstrasse 4 or better known as T4 a Nazi program that ordered the death of all disabled and mentally ill peopleThe story follows a little deaf girl named Paula Becker who lives with her family in Germany Due to the T4 program during WWII she has no choice but to leave her home and family to hide at the age of 13 The story continues on with her journey in search of safety I noticed that some people were leaving negative reviews because they didn t feel the book was poetic enough I have to disagree The book is told in free verse which isn t meant to rhyme or have any specific rhythm It s meant to sound as though the person is speaking to you and that s exactly what the format delivers I personally liked it I think it s really important for older kids to read this so that they will learn that the Holocaust didn t just involve killing Jews There were many others that were killed and this book exposes the terror of this dark timeI especially enjoyed the author s notes in the back as she explains where the names for the characters originated info for further learning and statistics It s a fairly uick read at around 108 pages I m very happy to have this on my shelf4