[A Shilling for Candles] E–pub Ð Josephine Tey

  • Paperback
  • 240
  • A Shilling for Candles
  • Josephine Tey
  • English
  • 08 March 2018
  • 9780684842387

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Free download A Shilling for Candles Josephine Tey Û 4 Free download Read & Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Josephine Tey D Yard's Inspector Alan Grant is on the case But the inuiry into her death turns into a nightmare of f. This is the second Inspector Alan Grant novel following on from The Man in the ueue The first novel was written in 1929 while this was published in 1937 which is uite a gap I must admit that although a lover of Golden Age detective fiction I have always struggled a little with Tey although I enjoyed this than the first book The mystery begins with the discovery of a body on a beach which turns out to be that of a successful and beautiful actress named Christina Clay although oddly nobody seems to recognise her at first Clay has been staying at a cottage with a man named Robert Tisdall whom she seems to have just picked up in London and brought along with her Obviously Tisdall seems the most obvious suspect but Erica Burgoyne daughter of the Chief Constable believes he is innocent and sets out to clear his nameAs Grant sets out to try to find a case against Tisdall there are a good range of other suspects these include Christina s aristocratic husband a jovial songwriter victim of some unpleasant anti Semitic remarks by the author an actress who would like to step into her shoes and a ne er do well brother named Herbert Gotobed understandably Christina changed her original name of Chris Gotobed which was probably a good career move Add to this the fact that a psychic named Lydia Keats had foreseen Clay s death and Grant is plagued by a journalist named Jammy Hopkins and the scene is set for an interesting mysteryThis is less a puzzle than most Golden Age mysteries and seems concerned with motives than clues Grant is a much grounded detectives than others of that era who worries about things going wrong and does not necessarily know everything automatically However I just fail to warm to him and find him something of a cold fish There is humour in the novel though having finally made an arrest his sergeant exclaims that the law should be changed Shocked Grant asks whether the man is talking about the death penalty and then finds that his colleague is bemoaning the licensing laws and the fact that the pubs are closed Overall I enjoyed this than the previous novel but I doubt Tey will ever become one of my favourite authors Rated 35

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Free download A Shilling for Candles Josephine Tey Û 4 Free download Read & Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Josephine Tey Alse leads and baffling clues Was there anyone who didn't want lovely screen actress Christine Clay de. Maybe it s just me but I had a really difficult time with this Alan Grant book I needed a character listing because I could not keep everyone straight The murder plotting was devious and very convoluted I was way off course But all in all Josephine Tey is a master storyteller

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Free download A Shilling for Candles Josephine Tey Û 4 Free download Read & Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Josephine Tey When a woman's body washes up on an isolated stretch of beach on the southern coast of England Scotlan. Not far from the Channel near Westover a woman s body is washed ashore First thought an accident then a suicide it is soon deemed a murder and a puzzling one at that But when the dead woman is identified as Christine Clay famous British actress and Hollywood star Inspector Grant s task already uite a puzzle becomes an ordealThis second Inspector Grant mystery is better than the first but it would still take than ten years before Tey would include him in her first masterpiece The Franchise Affair Still this too is a very good book Unlike her first effort The Man in the ueue there are no bravura passages here for the simple reason that Tey has progressed beyond bravura passages she writes well all the time with precision and wit and without unnecessary display The elegant and likable inspector is off stage for much of the action but his creator has by this time become so adept at tale telling that the reader scarcely feels his absenceThe primary reasons for the reader s satisfaction are the points of view Tey uses to tell the rest of her story Gossip maven Jammy Hopkins gives us the celebrity reporter s perspective but even interesting is the police superintendent s daughter Erica Burgoyne a fearless tomboy not only half in love with Grant and but also with Robert Tisdall the prime suspect too This intelligent young lady does her share of investigating and her vulnerability and our fears for her add a good deal to the suspenseIf you get the chance watch the 1937 Hitchcock film based on this book Young and Innocent US title The Girl Was Young Hitchcock and his writers altered a lot of the plot including eliminating Grant entirely and changing the identity of the murderer but it is a charming and memorable film nonetheless one of the best of the director s British period And it stars as Erica Burgoyne the first utterly captivating Hitchcock heroine the ah my ueen of Hitchcock trivia the charming forgotten Nova Pilbeam